“We are mavericks of our cause; our beliefs lies on the manifestation of opposing forces to yield compatibility.”

Coalesce Design Studio is a Karachi based multi disciplined/multi-faceted team driven by the aim to push past traditions in order to deliver cutting-edge designs. Not the typical out of the box thinkers; our main objective is to venture beyond innovation, into a place where pushing boundaries is standard.

Coalesce Design Studio is an ‘amalgamation’ of talent. Our team consists of accomplished architects, planners, brand strategists, and graphic designers. Together we aspire to produce work that brings about a change in the perception of design.

Our success lies not in relying on some predetermined design concept or traditional way of looking at things; our success comes from understanding who our clients are and where they want to go. Our process and creativity drive our characteristic vision and distil solutions that lead to the world’s most successful places.

Our studio is an open space for people to collaborate and think through. We like to consider our shared space as a motley crew of thoughts, dreams and ideas. We welcome discussions and design challenges. We produce our best work that is done as a team from conception to conclusion. Our philosophy is to provide a complete solution to our clients- from architectural and interior design needs to brand strategy and language.

Our team focuses on changing people’s perceptions. Rather than selling a product, we now sell a lifestyle.


Our team consists of six partners who work with a team of architects and designers on projects ranging from residential and commercial structures and interiors to installations, product design and branding.

Salman Jawed

Managing Partner/Principal Architect

Mustafa Mehdi

Managing Partner/Principal Architect

Bilal Kapadia

Managing Partner/Principal Architect

Hassan Feroze Lakdawala

Managing Partner/Principal Architect

Rai Yasir

Managing Partner/Principal Architect

Ali Talib


Samia Ali Khan


Asim Mughal

Farhan Abdul Rehman

Zul Hassan

Aimen Naseem

Mufaddal Abbas

Anum Khattak

Sardar Ahmed

Ali Khan

Samrah Aamir