Design Blog: Design Days Dubai 2014

March 18, 2014

For a whole week, Downtown Dubai will be the location of the annual Design Days tent. Design Days is a furniture design fair which houses design galleries from different parts of the world. This year, on its 3rd installment, a total number of 34 galleries will be participating with eight new countries being represented and ten galleries from the Middle East. Design days will run for the whole week from the 16th of March up to the 21st. I was fortunate to get an invitation for the grand opening last Sunday (16th of March) and saw all the galleries before it will be opened for the public. I really like the collection this year. It is diverse but at the same time uniform. Compared to the previous years, you can see the cohesion of all the galleries, individually and as a whole. You can see a lot of brass, marble, wood, resin and leather, creating a more contemporary collectible pieces. You can really see the richness of craftsmanship in every piece. This piece was one of my favorite among the displays. You can find it inCoalesce Design Studio from Karachi. A very interesting and playful piece, it gives the illusion that piece is floating at the same time emerging from the ground. I know what you are thinking, sadly all the blocks are fixed and you cannot rearrange it ( yes we asked—cause we want to play with it).