BHAITT (Exhibition By Coalesce Design Studio)

February 14, 2013

"BHAITT", Contemporary and unique Furniture Design Exhibition By Coalesce Design Studio + Zaid Hameed at Koel Gallery , Karachi.   Just as the winter weather was starting to retire in our city; spring colors, fashion trends, and events were starting to sprout out around us. In the interior world, such an event took place at the coveted Koel Gallery; the architectural designers of Coalesce teamed up with textile entrepreneur Zaid Hameed to showcase their second furniture exhibition labeled “Bhaitt.” For those of you who need to brush up on your Sindhi, Bhaitt means contrasts. This concept is apparent, as the designs are predominantly detailed with stylized traditional elements aided with contemporary details, be it in the entire form or a corner joint. The designers have combined materials and forms to create dynamic pieces; their installations and furniture are inspired by Halaa patterns, textures and colors, as a foundational attempt to revive its waning artistry. Each piece can be classified as functional art as it seems that special attention has been paid to the design of the connection points, edges and faces. This is exactly why an art gallery was the advantageous setting for this event. The interior of the gallery is small in scale, yet yields a lot of continuous space so the effects are displayed like artwork, with attentive lighting within their own designated space. Exclusive designs displayed in the perfect, traditional setting. The gallery/café aided itself well to the whole theme of the show; for one, it was the first time I had been to Koel in a while, so the painted, colored tables and the canvas cloth over the courtyard was a refreshing surprise on entry. It was a pleasure to see vibrant and distinctive interior items and I look forward to more of these exhibitions and so should you. Make sure to bring your wallet.